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Learn Remote Viewing DVD Course testimonials!

The following testimonials are just a few of the countless messages we receive from students all around the world each day. These testimonials are from regular people learning RV from Major Dames' DVD course with incredible results! Proof that without a doubt, the NEW Learn Remote Viewing DVD course truly is the most effective and state-of-the-art training course in the world!

"I never thought it could be this simple"

I just got Ed Dames' DVD course and started Remote Viewing litterally yeasterday. I am so excited I wanted to share my results with you guys. I was really shocked when I first did the exercises and after only 1 hour and 16 minutes of DVD training, I actually hit some of the blind targets. I am impressed, shocked, and excited. This is actually fun and I never thought it could be this simple. I have never done this before!

Ken, United Kingdom

"I have hit almost 80% of my targets!"

After completing the first two training DVDs, I have hit almost 80% of my targets. With rigorous protocols that if followed precisely, will give real results!

M. Guccione, Orange County, CA

"...the Learn RV DVD Set is by far the most professional."

I have purchased lots of instructional materials in my day, but the Learn RV DVD Set is by far the most professional. I have also attended the Basic RV course with Ed Dames as my instructor. If you have the time and money, do both, but if your funds are limited, get the DVDs and study like mad. You will have a good time and you will learn the most valuable skill on the planet today.

S. Romey, Gaithersburg, MD

"...I drew the target with alarming accuracy!"

I thought that the testimonials for the Learn Remote Viewing DVD course were exaggerated, but I was pleasantly surprised. I hadn't even finished the first DVD and on my third blind practice session I drew the target with alarming accuracy!! It's beyond easy, which is shocking in itself.

I've read books and tried before to figure this out, but never with a training course this efficient and effective!!. I can't wait to finish my lessons and begin applying it to life situations.

R. Ferrell, Ostrander, Ohio

"The man is a genius!..."

After spending more than $1,800 on competitor courses with little success, I decided to check out Major Dames' Learn RV DVD course.

Nagging questions that I had were answered by Major Dames in the first 30 minutes of DVD Disc 01. I was flabbergasted. I knew I was watching a Master when I watched Major Dames. The man's every word, every movement, inflection, and sketch spoke volumes!

If there are two words I had to assign to Major Dames' teaching style they would be EFFICIENT and PRECISE. The man is a genius!

Click here to read about my experience in the student forums.

J. Vitale, Mesa, Arizona

"...your RV program has blown me away!..."

Major Dames, your RV program has blown me away! I've been working on the program for a little over 3 months now and I am averaging almost 75% of my practice targets. Major Dames, you are a true professional, and I thank you so much for making this information available! It has truly changed my life.

G. Pearce, Rowlett, TX

"This is an amazing skill..."

I recently purchased the 4 DVD set from the Learn Remote Viewing website. I was still skeptical when I purchased it, but after hearing so many rave reviews of it, and the fact that Ed Dames was in the military developing this, I figured it was worth a shot.

WOW! That's all I can say! After watching and completing the first disc the way I looked at the world had changed forever! This is an amazing skill and something I have been waiting my whole life for. Thank you Major Ed Dames for developing RV and making these DVD's!!

B. Schoeffler, San Jose, CA

" life changed forever!"

I ordered the Learn RV course out of curiosity. At the time, I didn’t really know what RV was or how it worked so I started this course basically blind and skeptical. After finishing just the first DVD, my life changed forever! RV works, it really works. I can't find the words to explain how ecstatic I am. Thank Major Dames, thank you so much!

H. Taylor , Fair Oaks, California

"I'm both stunned and in awe..."

Thank you Major Ed Dames for sharing your knowledge of RV. Your program has made me a believer! I'm both stunned and in awe of the results!

M. Fraser, Vancouver, WA

"I can't believe how incredible this course is."

I can't believe how incredible this course is. I never would have imagines RV was for real but in last than a couple of weeks I'm hitting over 80% of my practice target! There's no way this is chance!

Auki, RV Training Forums

"...he's got to be the best!"

After practicing RV from the Learn Remote Viewing DVD set for only 3 months, I was able to sketch exactly where my future daughter-in-law could find her lost diamond earring. She provided the target to me, blind, using the TRN random number generator provided at Carrie (my future daughter-in-law) looked at my completed RV session (which I scanned and e-mailed to her) and immediately went to the place it indicated. When I called to ask what the "cue" had been, all I heard was joyful screaming: The cost of that earring exceeded the price of the whole Learn RV 4-DVD set!

Essentially, doing that one session paid for my whole training. I've never met Major Dames, but if that man can teach me to RV through DVD instruction, he's got to be the best!

M. Lokay, Chicago, IL

"It really works!"

I tried a few "other" RV courses that just plain didn't work. Then I tried this new DVD course my Major Ed Dames. This course is unlike anything I have ever seen! It really works! I can't believe I'm really doing this! I doesn't seem possible.

Emok, RV Training Forum

" RV skills developed dramatically."

The Learn RV course is amazing! Since I started using it, my RV skills developed dramatically. It's so easy to follow and understand. Thank you,Major Dames!

S. Wendin, Hallsthammar, Sweden

"I learned more in this one DVD than I did using an ENTIRE competitor's basic RV course."

I have just completed workshop one and I am impressed by the quality of the DVD itself and the quality of Major Dames` presentation. I learned more in this one DVD than I did using an ENTIRE competitor's basic RV course. Thank you for this valuable resource!

G. Williams, Winterhaven, FL

"I saw incredible results on the VERY FIRST PRACTICE SESSION."

I tried another RV training course from a few years back that ended up being a total waste of time. The other course did pretty much nothing to train me how to remote view so I was skeptical when I heard about Major Dames' RV training course but his military history in Remote Viewing convinced me to order. WOW WOW WOW was I glad to have done it!

This is the best Remote Viewing training course I have ever seen! I saw incredible results on the VERY FIRST PRACTICE SESSION. My husband was so floored that now HE wants to learn RV! Thank you Major Dames' for bringing a REAL training course to the public!

C. Porter, Las Vegas, NV

"This is the best purchase I've made all year."

I got the 4 disc DVD course today and did the first target. I actually did fairly well on it, actually, suprisingly well considering I was still skeptical. I'm really amazed. I can't wait to continue on in my training! This is the best purchase I've made all year.

Shaykai, RV Training Forums

"I can't praise Major Dames' course enough!"

Both my wife and I found that Ed's RV training was a life changing and major experience for us. I can't praise Major Dames' course enough! The entire class discovered how to understand and communicate effectively with our unconscious minds. This was no small feat and Ed managed to make this magnificent experience easy to do.

J Pietras, Laguna Beach, CA

"Ed gave unconditionally of his time..."

The way that Ed communicated so precisely, there was no doubt as to what we would be doing and how we would do it. Ed is probably the best instructor/teacher I have had. Ed gave unconditionally of his time, information and energy. It is because of this that the class was fun, relaxed and we effectively learned how to remote view.

G & D Swanson, Saugus, CA

"I was amazed at how accurate my first two sessions were..."

I had no expectations going in and really hoped that it would work for me. I was amazed at how accurate my first two sessions were having no prior knowledge other then the few hours of instruction before my first attempts. Major Dames was extremely patient with the attendees as they posed a variety of questions.

G Jesse, West Hollywood, CA

"Ed Dames is an outstanding instructor..."

Ed Dames is an outstanding instructor and his enthusiasm for the subject matter really comes across.

J Chitty, Covina, CA

"...I was jumping up and down with joy and excitement."

The way Ed interacts is a delight. I may have appeared to be calm and complacent on the outside, but believe me ... I was jumping up and down with joy and excitement.

M Mileham, Joshua Tree, CA

"It was more than I expected!"

It was more than I expected! One knows Ed really cares that you learn what he is teaching and he wants to get this training out to as many people as possible. During training, he couldn't be more helpful. All questions were answered and explained thoroughly, and he provided help where needed.

I was truly impressed with the knowledge Ed has.

R Di Angelo, Mastic Beach, NY

" was everything I imagined and more."

My brother and I were trained and I have to say it was everything I imagined and more. Ed is an excellent teacher. After attending the workshop I have 100% more respect for the skill and I encourage anyone who has an interest in it to take the class. I feel that it's awakened something ancient that we all possess and I look forward to studying more.

C King, Las Vegas, NV

"...the best workshops I have ever attended."

The Remote Viewing workshop was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. Since that workshop I am daily remote viewing on my own.

K. Martay, M.D., Seattle, WA

"The workshop was excellent."

The workshop was excellent. Ed was very clear. I was especially impressed with the generosity and willingness of Ed to give his attention to all participants and to answer all questions as thoroughly and accurately as possible. Ed is not only good at what he does, but he is one of the best teachers I've seen in my long career in education.

F. Lehrman, Belleuve, WA

"We both found it excellent..."

My son and I attended the workshop. We both found it excellent and thoroughly enjoyed Ed Dames. I am convinced that there is something extraordinary about all this and that I have only discovered the tip of the iceberg.

S. Rullie, Puyallup, WA

"I really hit the target..."

I am very happy and excited to have attended the workshop. The material was presented in an order that was understandable and built on previous materials. I really hit the target of the [...] and that was exciting. Lots of time and patience was taken to answer questions. Sometimes a bit to long, BUT then I was one that had lots of questions.

G. Long, Canby, OR

"I'm fired up..."

I really enjoyed the seminar, and I definitely got what I went for. I appreciate that Ed was willing to answer our questions and provide feedback on our work. I'm fired up about working on developing this skill ... to finish the Learn Remote Viewing set.

C. Weisert, Oakhurst, CA

"Ed Dames is great!"

We truly enjoyed our workshop; Ed Dames is great!

C. & R. Acuff, Anchorage, AK

"I enjoyed the course enormously."

I enjoyed the course enormously. It was generally well structured and it's such an interesting subject. I have continued to practice remote viewing on a daily basis since.

C. Hunter, Seattle, WA

" exciting exercise!"

The remote viewing seminar has been, and continues to be an exciting exercise!

D. Hook, Carefree, AZ

"...I would not hesitate to recommend."

Ed made it very understandable. A very good course! I am hoping my son who lives in east central Oregon will be able to attend a future workshop! It was a great course and I would not hesitate to recommend.

J. Higbie, Cottonwood, AZ

"I have nothing but praise..."

I have nothing but praise on the recent workshop hosted by Ed. I would also be interested in continuing my Remote Viewing education by attending the Intermediate Workshops. Ed made the workshop fun to attend and it was a pleasure to learn such an important tool that I will continue to use through out my life.

K. Marston, Witchita Falls, TX

"I was greatly impressed by Ed Dames!"

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop along with my Father and Aunt. I was greatly impressed by Ed Dames! I am serious about pursuing more classes to advance my R.V. skills!

T. Hook, Trenton, MI

"Loved it!"

Loved it! Very enlightening--would like to practice and then get some higher level training.

T. Knowles, Denver, CO

"...fascinated with the results..."

My 21 yr old daughter and I attended your RV workshop. We had a great time learning the fundamentals of remote viewing and enjoyed the instruction given by Major Ed Dames. We both wanted to say "thank you" and make sure that Ed knew how much we appreciated the time and patience it took to instruct such a class of novices. Shasta and I were there with open minds and were pleasantly surprised and fascinated with the results that we had with the blind targets. We intend to keep practicing the skills that we learned.

C. & S. Verburg, Buffalo Creek, CO

"Ed made it easy for us to learn."

Mary and I just wanted to say thanks for the great remote viewing workshop. The presentation of the material seemed to be delivered extemporaneously which created a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Ed made it easy for us to learn. We are both looking forward to the intermediate workshop.

R. & M. Herter, Rio Rancho, NM

"I have nothing but the highest praise for RV..."

This was the second RV workshop I've attended and the first one I've attended by Ed Dames. It was "hands down" the best. I learned more in the first 4 hours of Ed's workshop than I did in the two days at the "other" workshop. I have nothing but the highest praise for RV and look forward putting into practice what I have learned.

H. Fields, Sun City West, AZ

"It was a phenomenal experience..."

Thank you the great workshop. It was a phenomenal experience, one that I will never forget. Ed provided the class with a great environment where we could all participate by sharing ideas and feeling comfortable with ourselves in this new skill that we've learnt.

G. Sabatino, Toronto, Ontarito

"Our experience was excellent!"

Our experience was excellent! Your training session was run extremely well. A lot of information was crowded in two days, so much so that I wish the course was at least three days long, or more. It is our intent to reach a proficient skill level and attend the Level 3 workshop. Thanks, again!

S. & V. McCaffrey, Harrisburg, PA

"...such a good course!"

Thank you again for the weekend workshop! It was very well produced and executed, especially considering the amount of material and instruction you had to cram into so little time. So congratulations on having put on such a good course!

R. Fossey, Albuquerque, NM

"I was actually dumbfounded..."

Wow! oh Wow! I thoroughly enjoyed the RV sessions. I amazed myself at being able to hit all of the targets! I was actually dumbfounded at what I was able to do in these sessions.

C. Shelley, Vancouver, WA

"It was everything I expected and more!"

It was everything I expected and more! I'm looking to further my experience in Remote Viewing.

P. Anzalone, Merrimack, NH

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