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Unlike other organizations that offer online TRN generators, our generator tool guarantees that no two TRN sets generated will ever be alike! Each and every time you generate a TRN set, you can be ensured that you are obtaining a completely unique set from this webpage. How can we do this?

Our TRN generator consists of an integrated database that records each and every number that is generated. This database is checked against all prior numbers issued and only displays your TRN if it has never been handed out to anyone. This guarantees that no two TRN sets will the same!

Generating a set of TRNs is only one of the steps necessary for correctly setting up a Remote Viewing target. Be sure to assign the TRNs to a photo or a cue as taught in the Learn Remote Viewing DVD set.

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Remote Viewing Training Protocol Templates

If you're beginning the RV1 DVD, you will be executing 4 target sessions. To make it as easy as possible, we have assembled the templates you will be using for each target in the order that they are given in the RV1 Learn Remote Viewing DVD. Click on one of the following links, wait for the file to completely load, then print. Please do this for each of the links.

Download Template Sets for target 1-4 on DVD disk 01

Download Individual Templates

Download Other Learn RV documents

Download RV the Lottery documents

Having Trouble Opening the Templates?

If you are having trouble downloading the RV templates, it may be because of the following:

  • The RV templates are in PDF format. A PDF file can be opened using a FREE program called Adobe Acrobat. Acrobat is a widely used program and it completely safe to run on your home PC or Mac computer. To download and install Adobe Acrobat, please click on the following link. This link will open a new internet browser window.
Click here for Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  • Some software installed on your computer such as POP UP BLOCKERS may prevent you from opening new windows or downloading files. Please ensure that all pop up blockers are temporarily disabled while obtaining files from this web page.
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