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In Major Ed Dames' latest documentary, The Killshot: Approaching the Moment, you'll see shocking Remote Viewing predictions that came to pass with unprecedented accuracy and discover the frightening truth behind The Killshot!

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LIVE 1-Day Events. Meet Major Dames and Find Your Killshot Sanctuary!

Major Ed Dames has announced the first ever live 1-Day crash course tour in the United States workswhich provides the most effective RV training in the world. Now is the time to find your Killshot sanctuary and see how to use RV to generate funds to prepare! Live events from Major Ed Dames ALWAYS sell out so sign up online or call Free: 866-607-8439 right now.


The CIA and U.S. Army developed a protocol with over 20 million US dollars of funding called Remote Viewing (RV) that enables the unconscious mind's inherent ability to obtain knowledge about any person, place, thing in the past, present or future. What seperates official Remote Viewing protocols from anyone else is that virtually anyone can learn this and no previous experience or "abilities" are required!


The Learn Remote Viewing DVD course was built entirely from the ground up to offer a user friendly experience that provides easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and interactive lessons as you proceed through each training stage. After each lesson, you will execute a blind practice target that incorporates what you have just learned; conducting each Remote Viewing practice session right along with the classroom students on the DVDs! After each session has ended, detailed feedback is immediately provided and the target is revealed; comparing your session results with the actual results of the classroom students! The feedback segments will show you how accurately you hit the target and where your pitfalls may have been so that you quickly and continually become more accurate! The course was designed to allow you to go through each DVD at your own pace!


Perhaps you’re hesitating. Or perhaps, you want to wait a while and think over it. But for every second you wait, you’re robbing yourself of a precious skill. A skill that, amongst many other advantages, can improve your health, secure you financially, and empower you with important future knowledge.

So why wait?

This entire 4 DVD Learn Remote Viewing course taught by Major Ed Dames of priceless value will come with a physical copy of all 4 DVDs, the Companion Guide to the learn Remote Viewing Training Course, a Template Library, the Descriptor Word List and Remote Viewing Session Flowchart

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