Community regulations

1. Do not utilize the online community at as a public radio or TV show message board. Within the forums, subjects and inquiries must be related strictly to Remote Viewing and Remote Viewing training purposes.

2. Do not post information or links that lead to outside training sources as the information may conflict and inhibit Major Dames' students from effectively learning this groundbreaking skill. Posts that contain outside links may be deleted at any time.

3. The information provided to students regarding Remote Viewing training cannot be copied from the forums. All responses and posts from Remote Viewers and Major Ed Dames is the copyright property of Remote Viewing Products.

4. The forum Administration staff does not handle sales or customer support for Remote Viewing related products. If you have any questions regarding your shipping status, or product information, please call customer support at 866.607.8439.

5. NO TROLLING! This means that postings that are slanderous or disruptive in any way will immediately be removed without notification. This action may also result in your account getting permanently deleted. Use courtesy and respect while you are using the forums. The site administrators (Administrator) hold the right to determine what is considered slanderous or disruptive.