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Internet access is required for online training support and access to www.RVcommunity.net. Remote Viewing Products is not responsible for fees associated with personal internet service. Obtaining internet access and registering in the online community is strictly your responsibility.

Online training support at www.RVcommunity.net is not considered a purchased part of the Learn Remote Viewing DVD course or a purchased part of a single Learn Remote Viewing workshop DVD. The online community is provided as a separate "gift" to customers. Remote Viewing Products nor Major Ed Dames hold any legal responsibility to provide to this service to customers that have purchased a Learn Remote Viewing DVD.

Thought the training forums are free to all individuals, the purchase of a Learn Remote Viewing DVD course or a single Learn Remote Viewing workshop DVD is not required and does guarantee membership for any defined length of time if the posted rules and regulations established to continue to professional conduct in the online community are violated in any way.

The community administrators (Administrator) are responsible for monitoring and enforcing the regulations posted in the online community and hold the right to delete posts, lock posts, add/remove account functionality or permanently delete or ban user accounts without notice.

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